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 Photographers and cinematographers at our studio are highly skilled professionals with the extensive experience. They are able to see and capture every beautiful moment and emotion which sometime lasts for a fraction of a second. We combine talent with highly professional equipment and latest technologies in order to deliver you the best product which will satisfy wishes and tastes of our clients.
MyWeddingWay is a creative team for those who are in love, for those who want to capture in their film and photos the most beautiful memories of their special day.
Our philosophy
Each film and photo album is different and unique to the extent to which every person is unique. The ability to be able to see your desire, to try to understand the expression of your eyes, to feel the aura of your happiness and then to translate all these aspects into photographs and video sequences should be considered an art don’t you agree?
Sometimes the moment is so touching and emotional, it cannot be expressed with words and we do our best to express it through photography and cinematography. We are seeking for harmony and strive for excellence which is reinvented in our work. We love you and do the best for you!